Cloud Collaboration Services in Bangalore

Nina Enterprises is one of the leading providers of Tata Docomo services all over India.As the world
moving towards digitization and India leading the way on this path, they are helping in a big way to their customers to become a part of this digitization. The services offered by them are issuing of new SIM cards and connections, internet service , wifi connection among others and they cater to the individuals as well as small and medium enterprises.Services such as IOT solutions, mobility solutions and enterprise connectivity are in high demand in the market , these technologies are going to rule the market in the coming years.Nina enterprises has been providing these services to many of its customers.

IOT solutions include vehicle tracking which works by using GPS and GSM technology.It is designed for monitoring a moving vehicle with the help of a microcontroller. IOT has a significant role in this and it provides all the details of the vehicle with the help of the application on the smart phones .So that the passengers can access the information and enjoy the ease of travelling.

Mobile security solutions safeguard the business data, gives a secure mobile access to business documents and keep the mobile device safe. As ‘BYOD’ which is 'bring your own device' becoming popular, the IT departments are facing the challenge of keeping the corporate information secure. Mobile device management (MDM) solutions help in minimizing the complex scenario with the management capabilities both on the premises and in the cloud.

The enterprise connectivity service includes internet leased lines that have a dedicated bandwidth with proactive monitoring and configuration management.The PRI(primary rate interface) solution has channels that provide voice, data, image and video services.The SIP (session initiation protocol) services have been very helpful in scaling the resources for the benefit of the organization and with the help of IP solution, it has reduced the cost of multiple lines and other hardware devices for multiple PRI Ports. Walky helps in internet connectivity for additional five devices and the connection can be done even in remote places.So,now even remote areas like villages and small towns can access the services of Nina enterprises.They are also one of the leading MPLS network service providers and have helped many businesses in optimizing their business solutions with smooth connectivity, thus reaching every nook and corner of India.

The marketing solutions offered by them have been planned after doing a complete analysis of the
customer's preferences and the market scenario. Toll free services for the customers are a relief for them as they get the complete support for their services .Bulk SMS service is one of the major marketing practices adopted by many organizations as it helps in pushing the services to the customers.Nina enterprises is one of the leading bulk SMS provider in this industry.

They have been growing at a fast rate and with a huge base of customers have amassed quality experience to be used for the benefit of new and existing customers.

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